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“Do's & Do Not's”
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How to fold your Leathers
for easy storage.
1 Lay them out on large surface with inside up.

    Fold one inside over onto the other inside and arrange neatly.             

Fold loose ends to make as square as possible.

Fold top 1/3 over, smooth. (The end with the belt).

Fold bottom 1/3 over on top of the other 2/3, smooth. (The snap ends of the legs. )

Fold the left side over 1/3, hold. (May have to turn it all over first.)

Fold the right side over onto the 2/3’s.

    Line the snaps up and snap.


Motorcycle Safety Programs
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale Motorcycle Education Course

 University of Illinois
Champain Motorcycle Education Course

Illinois State University
Normal Motorcycle Education Courses

Northwestern Illinois University
 DeKalb Motorcycle Education Course

Missouri Motorcycle Education Courses




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